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Since the 1960s, crackdowns for performance enhancing drugs at the level of elite athletics (Olympics, Baseball, Cycling, etc.) have been steadily increasing. However, so too have the reported cases of steroid abuse.

For every athlete who is condemned for performance enhancing drug abuse, countless unknown others stand in the shadows and continue their illicit drug regimen. This problem is endemic to the sports community, and will continue inevitably. We propose that instead of condemning sports heroes for training and chemically enhancing their bodies for the new standard of elite athleticism and competition, we legalize and regulate these drugs, thus ushering in the next level of elite athleticism. This approach would not only cut down on abuse and encourage healthy regimens, but would greatly increase fans' morale and promote a more honest discourse between the sports community and the general public.

Already we have enhanced the physical nature of training, to the point of having multi-million dollar equipment for the most advanced athletes. Chemical enhancement is the next logical step in our progression for a finer tuned athlete. The future of sports WILL be steroid fueled. Embrace the revolution!

We, the undersigned, call on the sports commissioners and sports aficionados across this great nation to legalize and regulate the use of performance-enhancing drugs to be used for training in elite athletics.

We call upon our local communities to redefine how we judge chemical enhancement in the scope of evolution in how we train.

We call on the regulation, not the requirement, of these drugs being used for athletes training regimens. We promote an open and honest discourse between our athletes and the public.

We do not encourage steroid and performance-enhancing drug use. We only provide a cleaner channel for what is already happening.

We believe in a brighter tomorrow, with a sports culture predominantly marked by honesty, and not by the scandal of fallen heroes.

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