Nepal Government Drug Administration

Marijuana is a natural substance that has been illegal in Nepal since the 1970's . As a matter of fact it was declared illegal because Other nations didn't want their citizens to go to Nepal and Smoke weed.

As of 2016 Marijuana is Legal in most of the states in the US as a Recreational Drug and in some states as a Medically used drug.

Various studies have been conducted regarding the medicinal use of marijuana which has no side effects as compared to the modern western medicine we use everyday which has a lot of side effects that lead to long tern health effects. Studies have concluded that marijuana is known to Treat PTSD and other cancer too that to quicker and with no side effects.

Marijuana is been promoted as a bad substance and it is seen as a bad habit of people who smoke weed.

Commonly known as 'GANJA' is currently illegal to posses and there are strict laws in place for the possession and dealing of Marijuana.

This people suffering from Migraine, Sleep Disorders , PTSD , Cancer, Pain and various other medical Problems will benefit from the legalization of Medical Marijuana.

We, the undersigned, call on the Drug Administrating body of Nepal Government to Legalize Medical Marijuana and regulate and control the legal trade of marijuana.

This petition will have a drastic change in the drug consumption and the Better health of the people who are relying on harmful pharmaceutical drugs with so many side effects. We would like to request the government body concerned with the legalization to make the process faster and keep the people of Nepal from Dying.

We do not want people to start abusing marijuana and will follow the protocols set by the government regarding the medical consumption of it.

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