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Ministry Of Employment Standards

With low wages and higher costs of living these days we should be aimed at making our workplace feel just like home to offset poor wages and poor working conditions. Every few hours starving employees reach out for a cigarette for a release of pressure, a release of stress or release of addiction. But 10 minutes later when your back on the job you feel the same you did before making your day longer and more aggravating.

I think allowing the use of marijuana in the workplace will offset this, smoking pot on your break will carry the "more than a feeling" presence throughout your shift sometimes with just one hit. Allowing you to actually feel good about your job and appreciate what your actually doing. This type of harmony can only make for better productivity and improve the harmonic balance of employees & customers in any industry.

I know the first impression will be: You will make more mistakes when stoned. Well if there are mistakes atleast they will be honest. Instead of intentional "mistakes" that are made by employees that hate their job and who don't really care what they are doing because they are paid so low for doing harder work.


-Increased Energy (For first 5 mins)
-Improved Attitude
-Improved Social abilities
-More attention to detail
-More attention not to detail
-Willingness to want to do random things
-Improved desire for lunch break


- More people than normal will try to bum a "smoke" from you
- Increased hunger & thirst (keep stuff close to you)
- Narcolepsy

We, the undersigned, call on the ministry of employment standards to allow the use of marijuana in the workplace. For the right to bare substance no different than say Caffeine(Coffee) and Nicotine(Cigarettes). Two drugs which are far more addictive and dangerous substances compared to Cannabis. Which shall be used in a designated pre-determined area such as given to employees for smoking cigarettes on break.

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