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Legalize marijuana in Nepal (Same as in Uruguay)

Marijuana (Cannabis) has been banned for a long time in our country. Without knowing no absolute effects about it, the politicians have banned marijuana an with the help of corrupted police have made it unchangeable.

However, until now, no bad effects of marijuana have been found or known anywhere in the globe. Even Unite States of America [U.S.A.] have legalized marijuana in two of it's states i.e. Colorado an Washington, and many states revolting for it's legalization.

The latest and recent scientific researches have found that Marijuana has the ability to cure cancer. Marijuana if legalized can help people addicting to drugs to back down and can improve a country's economy. Also the cutting own of trees or deforestation can be degraded as hemp a type of cannabis can be used for making paper, furniture an other unknown public an medical uses.

With such high functions of its own, Marijuana still is legalized. With many countries making their step to legalize marijuana I have taken a step too by signing this petition, an effort to legalize Marijuana, which was legal around 30 years ago in our country.

See story here: http://goo.gl/d1F15b

To Nepalese Authorities:

We, the undersigned, call on the UN and Nepal Government to legalize Marijuana. With no death toll yet in any country and no negative side effects.

For many years, Marijuana has been made illegal in our county, a natural plant or herb with many benefits. With youths of today, having knowledge on its benefits, I hereby represent the youth to legalize Cannabis.

Many youths today experiment marijuana by knowing its positive benefits like preventing cancer and get caught by Nepal Police an assaulted. Assaulting someone for using something that has positive effects on human life does not make any sense.

Thus, I hereby present this petition so to legalize what should be legal.

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