#Law Reform
Mayor Jim Watson and City Councellors

It is very difficult to go outside on a warm sunny day without seeing at least one Longboarder, Skateboarder, or Inline Skater. Over the past few years, these industries have exploded, with people of all ages finding new methods of transportation.
According to the Traffic and parking By-Law NO. 2003 - 530, Part VIII [Driving and Related Rules]

"77. No person shall coast on a roadway, whether on a sleigh, skateboard, rollerskate, in-line skate, cart, children's wagon or toboggan

84. (1) No person shall drive a vehicle or ride upon a skateboard, rollerskates or in-line skates on a sidewalk except for the purpose of directly crossing the sidewalk."


Longboarding, Skateboarding, and Inline Skating are activities that youth use as transportation, a method of exercise, and a reason to go outside.

Longboards, skateboards, and inline skates are more convenient to transport than a bicycle, more environmentally friendly than a car, and faster and more efficient than walking.

We as Longboarders, Skateboarders and Inline Skaters wish to have these utilities recognized as genuine modes of transportation, just like cycling.

We understand and respect that there will be laws on these modes of transportation if they become legal, just as cycling does.

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