Ministry of Public Health of Lebanon

Medical use of marijuana has been proved to do miracles in the field recently, you can read all about the benefits , with literally no side effects of this nature's epicness, it is all over the place, and it is nothing but ignorance and political issues that it is not yet fully legalized world wide, instead , they legalize a cancer packed cigarettes and body damaging drinks because they are profit and profit is good.

My body is ill , i have been struggling with severe depression , panic attacks and anxiety since i was 13 ,and i have tried everything; i have the right as a human being living on planet earth, to take advantage of a plant that grows in nature and would help me cope. Do not stigma/taboo it on me from a non logical point of view , or just maybe because you haven't find a way to make money off of it yet, or for whatever silly reason, and that goes for anyone on any level ; i can keep on going through the list and name all the trivial arguments used against this. I demand my right, for us damaged individuals , and then for everyone else, and ask to legalize at least the medical use aspect of it as a beginning; let us be smart , let us be useful and get out of the rabbit hole: Legalize Nature's medicine.

PS: yes it is that lame of a situation, a medicine is being outlawed.

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The Legalize Cannabis. petition to Ministry of Public Health of Lebanon was written by Mohamed Ali Mobarak and is in the category Health at GoPetition.