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Premier of Queensland

The Queensland Government is increasing penalties for Uber drivers and organisers in an effort to eliminate the service. This service has proven itself as effective, pleasant to use and especially cost available, especially to lower income people, enabling them to have a safe trip home to their door.

Uber drivers often are themselves, university students who see this as an opportunity for earning needed funds.

Uber drivers are more well mannered than taxi drivers and drive very carefully. Their cares are generally in better condition than taxi drivers and are more comfortable. There is no known reason why driver and passenger cannot take the risk to arrange an agreed means of transport.

Uber drivers do not continue with Uber unless they meet certain criteria and the quality of their service is assessed by the passengers themselves using a rating system. Passengers do not have any idea about the personality of the taxi driver, other than that they haven't yet been refused a criminal check.

To the Premier of Queensland,

We the undersigned, call on the Queensland Government to legalise Uber as an optional service for the people of Queensland. The reasons are:

1. The service enables lower income people to have a safe trip to the front door of their homes;

2. It is a proven safe service with high customer satisfaction;

3. Drivers are rated to ensure their appropriateness and service (Taxi drivers are not);

4. The service enables people to find gainful employment in this current economic climate;

5. Uber cars are cleaner and in better condition than taxis; and

6. Citizens should have the right to enter into an agreement with another person in order to obtain an arrangement for transport.

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