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Swedish mother Ann-Louise Valette and her two sons Frank Oliver Valette, 11, and Andre Nicholas Valette, 9 have been plastered all over the newspapers as being "abducted". A revealing article states that she was concerned about child sexual abuse that had not been substantiated.

Anyone who has gone through the courts and worked in this area knows that most cases of child sexual abuse are underreported and the chances of getting help to substantiate it in the middle of a family court battle are minimal - The police won't even go near it and child protection passes the buck saying that its family courts area.

Lawyers filter these things because they know legal aid finds protecting children "expensive". The facts are:
False Allegations of child abuse in the family court are as low as 5%
For years the Family Court has been systematically ignoring substantiated child abuse and domestic violence.
Family Violence and Child Sexual abuse are underreported.

Australia is one of the highest rate male dominated police force in the world. Since the "No Fault divorce", it is mainly mothers who are running with their children, Since the shared parenting bill, homicides increased by 14% in 2006.

There is no domestic violence homicide review team in Australia. Most mothers run with their children because of family violence and child abuse.

Update Dec 27:
We have received a request from the fathers family to discontinue this campaign. As it is a matter of public interest, we have included the message, facts and background as to why this petition is running. Our team has ensured this is thorough and accurate with links to reliable sources: http://anonymums.blogspot.com/search/label/Enforced%20Dissappearence
One other point to this, if the fathers family was genuinely concerned about the children's well being, why immediately issue a recovery order that would sever access to vital services such as hospitals, food, clothing and education?

Stop this madness and protect this mother so she can protect her sons.

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