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CALL TO ACTION - Catalyst Church and Life Message, Inc. have proposed putting a two-story warehouse next to the church which is in a residential area with homes and day care near by. This would require rezoning away from the protections residential zoning provides.

The proposed rezoning request highlights the very reason why our city needs zoning rules and regulations to ensure smart growth and development that makes sense in the context of the surrounding area. The current zoning limits land usage as designed for a residential, single-family neighborhood. The proposed zoning provides for additional uses, notably a planned development which specifically calls for a retail space, industrial warehouse, high-traffic food pantry, low/no cost medical clinic, counseling center, and commercial office environment.
• INCREASED TRAFFIC: According to comments made by Life Message, traffic as a result of this development would result in an additional 140-170 vehicles on most business days. Additionally, commercial trucks would be used to deliver food to the facility from grocery stores, as well as additional sundry drop-offs from residents.
• POLLUTION: According to comments made by Life Message, noise from this facility would include idling trucks, powered industrial trucks (forklifts and the like), and waste disposal. Exterior building lighting would also be prevalent to illuminate the surrounding parking area. Each of these items are certainly not present in the area at this time and their impact would adversely impact the quality of life for surrounding homes.
• DECREASED PROPERTY VALUES: The negative impacts from this facility as it relates to property values would be felt throughout the Lakewood Point, Princeton Park, Hanse Hamilton Abstract, Graham Estates, Bayview Estates, Spinnaker Cove, Champion Lakes, and Waterview neighborhoods. Numerous people have confirmed that the addition of a traffic-laden, noisy, and very busy food pantry would have a highly negative impact on the area.

Life Message members and associates are on city boards/committees/council so we need to send a clear message we oppose this! PLEASE HELP!!!

We, the undersigned, call on City of Rowlett Planning & Zoning and City of Rowlett City Council to prevent the residential area located at 7400 Dalrock Road from being rezoned."

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