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For the past 117 years, the Boy Scouts of America has been helping boy learn how to develop different skills and survive in the wild, and learn how to swim, and cook, and many other skills. It has been available for any boy who wants to join. It has never been open for girls. That is why it is called Boy Scouts. There is also an organization, called Girl Scouts, in which girls can join and do similar things Until now. The Boy Scouts executive board has just voted, allowing girlsto become boy scouts.

We the under signers agree that the Boy Scouts of America should be limited to Boys. Girls should not be allowed to join an organization that has been around since 1910 with the principle of it being for males. That is why it is called Boy Scouts. The under signers agree that there should be no girls allowed in the Boy Scouts of America, no matter the circumstances.

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The Leave Boy Scouts to Boys petition to Boy Scouts of America was written by Alex Kunda and is in the category Youth at GoPetition.

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