Community of Murphysboro, Il
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A new auditorium is being built at Murphysboro High School to replace the old auditorium which suffered a collapsed roof in 2016. This is an excellent opportunity to name the new facility in honor of one of the finest educators to ever serve in the State of Illinois: Mrs. Leah Sims.

The football field is named in honor of the legendary coach "Doc" Bencini. As a direct result, the students that compete on that field have a nexus with those from the past; the very name "Doc" Bencini ties them to an era of greatest, and motivates them to follow in that path. Naming the new auditorium "The Leah Sims Center for the Performing Arts" would follow in this splendid tradition.

Mrs. Leah Sims has made a tremendous impact on thousands of students. Her pupils are now doctors, nurses, educators, care-givers, fashion designers, engineers, playwrights, police officers, military personnel, lawyers, and even a United States Congressman. Ask literally anyone that attended Murphysboro Middle or High School that had the honor of being her student and they will tell you she made the greatest impact on their primary or secondary education of any teacher. Her instruction, guidance, and empathy were carried by all of us as we entered adulthood.

The signers of this petition strongly encourage the community of Murphysboro to honor one of its own. One who has dedicated her life to the community and has made our nation better. We strongly recommend the community of Murphysboro and the Murphysboro Community School District #186 name the new high school auditorium "The Leah Sims Center of the Performing Arts."

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