Lazyboy/ LazyMuffin

July 7, 2006

This Petition aims to convince the dutifully rightious Lazyboy (a.k.a. LazyMuffin) that he improved on the song "Bang Bang You're Dead" by the Dirty Pretty Things by speeding up the song and raising the pitch for his animation that was almost as rightious as himself.

This petition also hopes to persuade Lazyboy to provide the masses with a copy of the MP3 so we can all listen to the song away from our computers and thus dance like we are having epilepsies (and have a good excuse for it this time).

By signing this you also declare that Lazyboy is awesome. Like, superawesome.

I hereby agree that Lazyboy has improved the song "Bang Bang You're Dead" and vote that there should be a way to download this awesome version of said song. Verily, Lazyboy is awesome.

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The Lazyboy's awesome MP3 for teh masses petition to Lazyboy/ LazyMuffin was written by Croove55 and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.