Haywood Jablomi

It has come to my attention that some very mis-guided, and most likely excessively obese and unattractive women have decided to infringe upon our civil rights, and insult our intelligence (see website above). Their twisted observation of the general perception of women is being wielded in an attempt smite our most fundamental rights, most namely the right to free expression. Also at stake is our freedom to choose. These obsessive bovines have decided to champion the cause to remove attractive models from advertising so they don't feel bad about their disgusting, flaccid selves whenever they open Good Housekeeping magazine. Not only is their cause inane, but also their points flawed on a deep-seated level. The entire effort is a colossal exercise in contradiction. For instance, this page from their site


Shows attractive women in lingerie and appears in their 'Gallery of Offenders' section. These pages:


show 'fuller' women in lingerie and appear in their 'Gallery of Winners' section. The difference? You guessed it, the fat chicks in underwear are not considered degrading in any way. Why? I guess because they are fat, since that is the only difference I can see. They are still chicks in underwear anyway you look at it. Chicks in lingerie say, "Come and get me" or so the enormous eyesores at about-face.com would have you believe.

So, please help in the effort to silence these overly imprudent, mis-guided, insecure, anxious, scale busters by signing the petition here. Another way is to donate food and send it to:

PO Box 77665
San Francisco, CA 94107

No doubt an abundance of edible goods will keep mouth silent, hands busy and civil rights resolutely intact. Thank you.

On behalf of all the people in the world who have half a mind to see through general media tactics to elicit a common perception of men and women of all shapes, sizes colors, ethnic persuasions, etc., I ask that you sign this petition, so that we may safe guard against the dangers of raging levels of estrogen running utterly unchecked in world of female activism. Please preserve our right to sample attractive people in ads, instead of languid, sloven, disgustingly corpulent reprobates in unflattering attire. Remember, you too could be in a sports bar enjoying lunch when one of these highly repulsive, nauseating, vile and abhorrent commercials air. Thank you for your time.

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