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In recent years, numerous land disputes have come before our Courts. Some have been going on for years without resolution. Many innocent unsuspecting Bahamians have been defrauded of their properties because of unscrupulous actions by greedy landsharks. Many of these victims purchased their properties through local banks, whose approved lawyer (from the bank's list of approved lawyers) informed both the victim and the bank that after completing a proper title search, the title was good and marketable. The banks then advanced money for the property and the purchaser made monthly payments to the bank until the loan was paid off.

The property owner later discovers that someone else or some company is claiming to be the owner of the property and a long process of litigation begins. The victim now faces the stress and financial burden of litigation and becomes fearful of losing their home or property. CITIZENS FOR JUSTICE is an organization that advocates for victims' rights and justice for all.

This PETITION is to encourage government intervention and action on behalf of the many land and homeowners throughout the Bahamas, who have been afffected including property owners in Pinewood Gardens, Nassau Village and Sir Lynden Pindling Estates. The establishment of a land register along with the the enactment of the relevant legislation, will benefit thousands of Bahamians crying out for JUSTICE.

It has been proven that a proper system of land registration promotes prosperity in developing countries, causing ALL landowners to be granted secure property rights. Other benefits are that the landowner will have investment collateral, sustainable land use and income opportunities. The system presently in use has greatly disadvantaged the poor. Proper land reform and the establishment of a land register in the Bahamas will prevent landowners from becoming victims of fraud and land disputes since each title will be guaranteed by the state. Land transfer will become quite simple and there will be no need for repetitive title investigation.

Land known as GENERATION property will be regularized and rightful and deserving family members will be granted good and marketable in fee simple estate by the Courts.

CITIZENS FOR JUSTICE is calling on Bahamians all over the Bahamas to sign the PETITION. Most countries in the Caribbean and around the world have a land register for the protection of their citizens. Ireland, a nation of 4.2 million persons, has one of the most advanced land registers in Europe. Currently 95% of all land mass in Ireland is registered and over 85% of all legal titles are registered with their Property Registration Authority, which was established in 2006. Their register is scheduled to be completed in 2010. Funding for setting up land registration can be obtained from the World Bank and the Inter-American Bank among other agencies.

Concerned Bahamians are urged to SIGN THE PETITION. We will all benefit including future generations.

We, the undersigned, declare our support for the PETITION for Land Reform and the establishment of a Land Register. We also join the fight in advocating for Justice for ALL Bahamians.

We believe in the sovereignty of God and the rule of law. We believe that the CHURCH is a sacred institution established by God for worship and for the spiritual development of people everywhere.

We further believe that no building dedicated for the worship of Almighty God should be allowed to be desecrated, bulldozed or destroyed as a result of any land dispute and that alternate options and remedies should be embraced in such disputes.

We declare that any company, person or organization seeking to destroy the House of God be treated with contempt and disdain and that such actions by any company, person or organization be condemned.

Further we hereby advance this PETITION to the Government of the Bahamas to normalize the title of all those persons owning property in Pinewood Gardens, Nassau Village and Sir Lynden Pindling Estates, whose title emanated from Certificates of Title issued by the Supreme Court and specifically to JOHN SANDS and THADDEUS JOHNSON.

We further request the intervention of the Government in resolving other matters of land disputes throughout the nation, which have adversely affected innocent landowners, who have been or may be threatened with losing their homes and properties as a result of circumstances beyond their control.

We believe that land reform and the establishment of a land register will avert land owners from becoming victims of land disputes and from the threat of losing their properties which were previously declared to have good and marketable titles.

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