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Starting August 15th, 2010, Lamar University Student Services changed how the dorm’s internet access would be provided. Residents will be provided Internet service from Time Warner Cable. The basic or free download speed provided to residents is 50 times slower (2 Mbps vs. 100 Mbps) than what residents had access to before.

The free speeds that they are providing do not even meet the FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) definition for broadband internet aka high speed internet. This is occurring despite the fact that all students have to pay a “Technology Fee” which has been raised by almost 5% when compared to Spring 2010 as well as a 7.5% increase in our housing cost. You have the option to pay for faster speeds, but Time Warner will not guarantee that you get the speed you pay for. But if a resident were to go to the library or any other building on campus they would have full access to the extremely high speeds (100 Mbps vs. 2 Mbps) provided by Lamar University.

The goal of this group is to organize students to pressure Student Affairs to make them do something about this. So please join this group and sign the petition. Also I encourage you to email Barry Johnson the President of Student Affairs and voice you displeasure. He can be contacted at barry.johnson@lamar.edu.

There are a few resolutions to this issue:

1) Student Affairs backs off the TWC plan and puts all the dorms back onto Lamar's network with unrestricted access.

2) Student Affairs puts all the dorms back onto Lamar's network with reasonable minimum speeds and with the option to pay low rates for faster speeds with guarantees that residents receive the speeds that they pay for.

3) Student Affairs keeps the dorms on Time Warner Cable but raises the minimum speeds to reasonable levels and guarantees that residents receive the speeds that they pay for.

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