#Animal Welfare
The Labour leader, Ed Miliband
United Kingdom

Labour in and out of government has long supported the shooting industry. This support of bloodsports continues despite defeat at the general election. At the last Labour Party conference a Labour spokesman again pledged Labour support for the gamebird industry and all the horrors that go with it.

For thirteen years the Labour Party in government gave active and sustained support to the gamebird industry, endorsing barbaric bloodsports and the medieval snaring and persecution of our wildlife.

Huge numbers of people across the country have long been appalled by Labour's support of shooting and cited it as a reason they left the Labour Party or no longer vote for it.

Support for killing sentient creatures for fun and persecuting our wildlife is incompatible with progressive ideals and values of compassion and decency.

We call upon Labour to adopt a policy of a total ban on the production of pheasants and other birds for 'sport shooting'. Such a ban already operates successfully in the Netherlands.

In addition, we call for Labour to have a policy of banning the manufacture, sale and use of all snares and Larsen traps.

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