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We are looking to help create some awareness around a program they have, called Label Me Royalty. It is a written and visual tribute, to the voices of our younger generation and the reasons that they should be referred to as our future leaders.

This tribute is created by our younger generation for all generations. It is an amazing account of the feelings of younger generation, the voices of our young people, the visions of our young people, and a way for adults to assist our younger generation to reach their goals and understand the underlying issues that they are facing.

It is a quarterly series which highlights the talents and the struggles of the next generation. We think it is very important that people get to see the positive images of young people in America from their own perspective, and we think that it will help to increase positive expression from our younger generation across the country.

We are looking for adults to spread the word about this program to the youth in their lives. We're also looking to connect with any online blogs and websites that would be willing to do a feature on the program or add a link to receive more information. We think if more people knew about it, they would like it.

We think this program for the youth, and our communities, alone is powerful. We would love to get your support here.

Think you might be able to help?

Let us know by getting further information from the link above, by signing the petition, and spreading the word.

We the undersigned, will promote and listen to the voices of our younger generation. Without our future, we have no future.

We'd love for you to do a facebook, myspace or Youtube video that tells your social networks about the Label Me Royalty Young Authors Program, inviting people to support our youth! We'd love for you to forward our messages, about the Label Me Royalty Young Authors Program, by email and through your social networks inviting people to support the cause and sign the petition as a show of support.

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