British, American and Australian Governments

This petition is to have products labeled with their carbon footprint.

When you buy a product from a local store you tend to have a choice between two or three comparable products, usually the imported product is cheaper, but the carbon emissions to create and transport it to the store are much higher.

Wouldn't it be good if when you where at your local grocery store you knew just how much carbon was emitted in importing the apples or T-shirts you where about to buy, so then you could choose the apples or other fruit with the least carbon emissions, or buy a T-shirt that has the least emissions?

If we really want to reduce carbon emissions then we as consumers need to know the true cost of what we are buying, knowledge is power!

We, the undersigned, request that the British, Australian and American Governments introduce legislation that requires all products which are sold to the general public be labeled with thier carbon footprint.

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