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"A Place to Call Home" is a period drama that delivers pointed social critique and intrigue in a cinematic and novelistic format that is rare in television. The show has won the coveted Logie award for Best Drama in 2017 and has been called the "Australian Downton Abbey". It is shown in 120+ countries across the world and on many PBS stations in the USA and has a huge following both in the USA and internationally.

"A Place to Call Home" follows nurse Sarah Adams who returns to Australia in 1953 after 20 years in Europe before, during and after WWII. The series consists of interwoven plot strands that involve homophobia, class division, religion and anti-Semitism; sexual orientation; abortion; unplanned pregnancies; Xenophobia; rape and spousal abuse. Though set in the 1950's, the show clearly addresses issues which are relevant today woven into compelling story lines with a historical attention to detail which is second-to-none.

The writing and acting are excellent and critics have called "A Place to Call Home" the "Australian Downton Abbey". Creator and show runner Bevan Lee is inarguably Australia's best television writer who has created numerous long-running shows. The extant five seasons feature an ensemble cast is comprised of many of Australia's best actors.

We, the undersigned, call on KQED to license and include "A Place to Call Home" in their program line-up. We firmly believe the content and issues addressed in the program will especially serve KQED's diverse members and viewers in our greater Northern California community. The show is great entertainment and will help people relate a time in a far-off country which is not well-known but is familiar to our global community. Please televise "A Place to Call Home" on KQED. Thank you.

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