#National Affairs
President Mwai Kibaki

President Kibaki was sworn in after a contentious Kenyan presidential election in December 27th.

Immediately evictions and killings of members of the Kikuyu community began all over the country. There have been calls for Kibaki to step down for this to stop and it looks like the only solution for now.

Dear president. Nothing can justify the misery and killings that our Kikuyu brethren have gone through all over the country since you were sworn into office.

Whatever that you are trying to protect CANNOT equal the pain and suffering our people are going through. The Kikuyu community are a friendly people and form a integral and major part our businesses and economy at large. Even if Raira gave in, they may never live peacefully anywhere again in Kenya as long as you are in office. Please save our people and step down. That's the only solution.

If you love Kenya and your kinsmen, JUST STEP DOWN. Innocent and peace loving Kenyans are dying just because you are in office and it is not worthy it.

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The Kibaki Should Save Our Kikuyu Brethren by Stepping Down petition to President Mwai Kibaki was written by George Aika and is in the category National Affairs at GoPetition.