Kenyan elections on December 27th 2007 were seriously flawed and messed up by state agents and ECK.

Kibaki ought to do the honourable thing while he still has some honour to his name - withdraw his insistence that he won the elections, resign and call for a re-run.

It does not help to insist that he was declared President by a statutory body(ECK) as per constitution and yet the ECK failed in its duty prior to the infamous declaration. The constitution should not stand in the way of justice for but must be for the good of all.

The constitution was amended by Kenyans in the "Bomas Draft" but the government in power insisted on the status quo even after being dressed down in the Referendum Vote of 2005 !

The government stalled the desired constitutional review to maintain the status quo so that "they" can retain power for as long as possible. Kenyans are not fools to be cheated.

Kibaki should stop being captive to tribal interests. He must give away what does not rightly belong to him.

Kenya is bigger than any one of them.

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