#Human Rights
Kenyan people and the whole world

President Mwai Kibaki genuinly won the 2007 Presidential elections in Kenya.

The current violence in Kenya has other subtle causes other than the allegations of vote-counting irregularities that are being touted as the cause.

As Kenyans, we are aware of the historical, political and cultural background of our country upon which the current post-election unrest hinges.

Evidence gathered from various sources including existing websites, media reports and eye-witness accounts from Kenya is compelling.

Raila Ondinga should accept defeat with dignity.

We the undersigned affirm that President Mwai Kibaki is the legitimate winner of the 2007 Kenyan Presidential elections and he should lead for a second and final 5-year term.

We also hereby request the UN, Africa countries, US, EU, UK, the Kenyan people and the rest of the world to prevail upon Raila Odinga to concede defeat with dignity.

We also urge the world to ignore the few urging President Kibaki to resign. God bless Kenya!

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