#Animal Rights
David Novak, CEO of Yum! Brands

August 4, 2004

KFC (aka Kentucky Fried Chicken) claim to have an Animal Welfare Program for their suppliers' farms and promise not to tolerate the suffering of any animals, yet over the last 3 years proof has been made that many animals have suffered (and are still suffering) within these farms, and KFC has done absolutely nothing to stop it.

These chickens suffer greatly from abuse such as debeaking, live scalding, and life long crippling.. NO living creature should have to endure such torture.

Please show your support against animal abuse by letting as many people as you can know about these horrific practices.

You dont have to be vegetarian to care about the well-being of our feathered and furred friends. Help stop the cruelty to these poor animals!

This petition isn't to close down KFC or the like, but we, the undersigned, urge them to adopt a better animal welfare program and take more action against animal abuse in their suppliers' farms.

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