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Taoiseach Enda Kenny & Minister for the Environment with responsibility for County Councils,

The proposed Bye Laws being introduced will severely impact the lives of rural living.

There are super facets to this bill, we all accept that slipways NEED to be clear, that certain offenders need to be punished BUT NOT at a price of destroying certain areas of rural life. Banning an activity while including the term "Written Consent" indicates a personality driven law.
This "Harbour" ruling includes sandy beaches as Foreshore-in laws that govern Piers.

Piers in rural areas are not as "piers" can be imagined. Majority are communities where people meet, swimming is a normal activity and a daily activity. Scuba Diving operations are operated from slipways and are commercial businesses which will be impacted.
7.15 No diving operation, swimming or bathing shall be carried out within the
Harbour except with the written consent of the Harbour Master / Authorised
7.18 No person or organisation shall film, photograph or otherwise record for
commercial use, within the Harbour, save with the prior consent of the Council
and by payment of an appropriate fee.

There are charges like parking proposal €1 @hr and clamping proposal which may be sold on to a company.
Piers are where communities gather, always to chat and meet. They are the hub of rural tourism and to be told what we shall and not take a picture is insane as so many things are now commercial..

They have stated that "they would not enforce the draconion ones"!!!
Why include them in the first place..
Triathlon will in it's present state be difficult to obtain insurance to the liability standards requirement.



We, the undersigned, call on Minister for Environment, Min for Rural affairs, Taoiseach, Minister for Marine, Min for Tourism/Sport to take action to protect rural living, sports and tourism from laws that by their presence will act as a deterent to what we would accept as being day to day requirements in daily living. It will interfere with sports, tourism by it's limitations.

We DO want people to Film US!! We want tourism and mostly we want choice.

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