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Kenyan government

I strongly believe the only remaining task for commonwealth is new-colonialism. The remaining testacles that the colonial masters use to still have their roots deeply planted into their enslaved nations. We are made to feel a part of the establishments by taking part in ceremonies but behind the scene is a master servant relationship. The monarch has no positive interest in their former colonies but to use the British high commissioners or consulates to continue to further their exploitative agenda.

After Megxit and the continued show down, as Australia starts the debate of cutting ties with the mornachy I am deeply persuaded of the need of we Kenyans cutting the chains that continue to link us to the colonial masters. My forefathers who died in the maumau rebellion would be appalled by the thought that after losing their lives for our freedom we still accepted the bone that the colonialists threw to us....we need to leave now more than ever. If they can be racist to their own flesh and blood I am not sure what other signs we need to see the establishment for what it is.......Kama in mbaya in mbaya.

Kenya Leave the Commonwealth immediately

We the undersigned request the Kenyan Government to cut all ties and walk away from the Racist monarchy immediately with no deal. The current monarchy/establishment has been exposed for what it is and it is beyond doubt that there is no benefit whatever for Kenya to remain in this master-servant bond that is an extension of colonial hold.

Britain has lost its lustre and as Scotland and Australia debate their last ties with their masters so should all countries of the commonwealth. Just like Gambia declared in 2013 when leaving the commonwealth Kenya should cease being a member of any neo-colonial institution and should never be party to any institution that represents an extension of colonialism which is largely racist......Kenxit

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