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President Uhuru Kenyatta

The failure by Kenya Parliament to draft and enact laws related to realization of Right to Housing and affordable Sanitation as enshrined in our Kenya Constitution Art.43(b).

In pursuit to our previous petition to Kenya Senate Ref.SEN./12/3/PETITIONS/No.17/2019 Dated 29th March 2019 do hereby petition you to issue a Presidential Directive on 4Month Rent Waiver begining this 1st May 2020 being a Labour Day.

Given the magnitude of COVID19 negative impacts to households. We the citizens Republic of Kenya,hereby petition you to invoke the presidential powers and issue a directive towards cautioning families and citizens from social, economical catastrophy caused by the ongoing flu,Its ironical that your office and the Ministry of Health issued a dusk to dawn curfew and stay at home directive,how then are citizens able to meet their regularly rent obligations to private and institutional landlords ?

Its on this note that we the citizens call for a 4Months Rent Waiver for all residential tenants in occupancy to Government,County governments,private individuals and institutions, begining this 1st May 2020 which happens to be a gazzetted National Labour day.

By harnessing this opportunity the government will be well placed to indentify all landlords and structures owners accross board,it wil help greatly to indetify the landrates, tax dodgers and cheats whom claim to be landlords.
The landlords or structures owners will requested to submit their ownership,legal documents,status of loans against buildings,etc to local administration for consideration into government reprieve.

Failure to achieve this ,we have directed all social movements (Baraza La Taifa , Bunge La Mwanainchi) residential associations ,neighbourhood groupings and religious institutions to embark on indetifying landlords whom will try to enquire of rent between May 2020 to August 2020.

We have directed parents,Kenya Youths to use whistle in the campaign dubbed "Operation Firimbi For Rent" #OperationFirimbi4Rent. Parents,childrens and all goodwill Kenyans will be using a whistle from 6pm to 7pm before curfew hours to force your office towards this noble cause.

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