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UEL has introduced a Security Review that ostensibly gives 3 options. However in letters sent out to the Security Staff this week mention was made that the Uel management Group had accepted the recommendation to outsource security without any prior form of consultation. At a recent JNCC meeting it was stressed how all the staff unions were concerned over this process without any form of communication to the Trade Unions.

The Joint Unions have instigated a campaign including this petition to highlight their concerns.

We are campaigning as we feel that this recommendation is directly opposed to the Vice Chancellor's strategy in his "Transforming For Excellence" where it calls for an "An outstanding workforce: professionalism, careers, flexibility UEL has exceptional staff at all levels. We will build on this strength and make sure that all staff have the opportunity to play a full role in our future.

We will promote, support and expect professionalism in all that we do. We will build up clear career paths for all staff that reward achievement and capability.

We have long recognised that the profile of our staff – particularly our most senior academic staff and managers – does not match the UEL community as a whole.

We will therefore continue to work actively to promote the development of women and black & minority ethnic staff in both academic and support roles. We will create level playing fields for all staff and champion equal opportunities in all that we do. "

Please support this important campaign and sign the petition and send messages of support.

The University is at an advanced stage of preparing to outsource its Security Staff. This is clearly inconsistent with UELs commitment to the development of an outstanding workforce.

The Reasons cited in the initial report cite cost savings This will be at the expense of our Final Salary Pension scheme. We believe that the outsourcing would lead to a less secure environment and there is no compelling reason why this would be different with any external contractor.

We are calling on the staff and students to intervene and support their in house security Staff by signing the petition.

We would also encourage others to sign to show their solidarity.

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