NYC Board of Education, Chancellor Klein
United States of America

For decades JHS 50 had an Art Program. It has been an important part that strengthens learning across the curriculum. The new arrived principal is threatening to cancel the program disregarding the importance of the Arts in the student's education.

We believe that Art matters, not only as worthwhile experience in its own right, but also as an instrument of cognitive growth and development and as an agent of motivation for school success. We are working against the decision to eliminate the Visual Arts program at John D. Wells JHS 50 at Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

We, parents, teachers and concerned residents of the community, would like to petition the principal JHS 50, Mrs. Jamison, and the public schools Chancellor, Mr. Klein, to reconsider the elimination of the Art program for the next school year 2004-2005 at John D. Wells, JHS 50. The principal has stated her plan to terminate the Art program, but she has provided no academic reasons for doing so. Whichever is the case, one thing is clear—the ones that stand to loose the most are the students of this educational institution.

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