Webmaster of KoF Online

Not too long ago, I could visit the forums at KoF Online (www.kofonline.com), which were slow but cool. They were hosted on a non-EZ Board server. Now the webmaster (whose name I will not mention) has made the idiotic decision to move the forms to that plague of the internet that is EZ Board. He'll end up paying a lot more than he realizes for the "gold" account, and EZ Board is far more buggy than the original forums.

Attempts at getting him to reconsider and suggestions for alternatives have been ignored. I've even pointed him to http://moonsims.asi.org/links/ezboard-caution.html which has some very important info on EZ Board, but he and his friends have blown it off, as well as suggestions to possibly move to Ikonboard (which most people like better). Their arguments to stick with EZ Board are pure BS, as is the webmaster's claim that he would "carefully consider the alternatives".

We, the undersigned, would like to protest, for any reason, the webmaster of KoF Online's decision to move the KoF Online Offical Forums to EZ Board. We would also like to remind the webmaster in question of any and all possible alternatives.

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