Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Never before has Newcastle seen a venue like The Kensington, a high-end establishment where Novocastrians can at last, socialise in style. But never before has there been so much unnecessary controversy surrounding the opening of a venue such as this.

The question that needs to be answered is: WHY? Why is there such negativity surrounding this venue, that sets the highest standard of entertainment venue in Newcastle?

Why has there been fear tactics implemented onto a venue that hasn't even had a chance to prove itself, nor encountered any negative events on its premises?
And most importantly, why are the bureaucrats and politicians dictating to the people of Newcastle that they cannot have what is rightfully theirs? And why are they stopping the opening of a venue that will provide a safe and controlled environment for people to socialise?

The people of Newcastle NEED a new place to meet their friends and socialise, that is clear. Newcastle needs to grow in its culture and needs a venue to create change to the limited offering that is currently available to young people of Newcastle. The support has been overwhelming along the way, and now it is your opportunity to help us harness this in the fight to KEEP THE KENSINGTON.

By signing this petition, your voice will be heard, we need 10,000 legitimate names of supporters to make this count, and we need it now! Once we have reached our goal of 10,000 names we will send our petition straight to Barry O'Farrell and his Government to prove that the people of Newcastle can have a voice, and that it counts.

We, the undersigned, call on the government to consider all the facts.

To see that the opening of a professionally managed, high-end establishment in Newcastle is NOT a bad idea.

To realise that it will provide a safe and controlled place for Novocastrians to socialise.

To realise that the reason why Newcastle night-life is in the state it is because there is no competition, and therefore no accountability.

We, the undersigned, strongly support the campaign to KEEP THE KENSINGTON.

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