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On 15th February 2008, The Crypt launched a weekly metal night. Housed within The Spinner's Arms, in Hadfield, Derbyshire, it was a unique venue.

Although tiny, it rapidly established a solid reputation, with both bands and music lovers. Bands loved playing there and people enjoyed the chance to see bands from all over the UK, for free.

Although a critical success, The Crypt was never given the chance to become a commercial one. After only 3 months, the decision was made to stop the metal gigs.

This decision was made by the pub's financial backers, on economic grounds. As a non-ticketted venue, The Crypt was funded by the bar takings, and wasn't taking enough money on Friday nights to justify the expense.

It is quite likely that, instead of metal gigs, The Crypt will now be used mainly as a "clubland" disco, as this has lower overheads and is potentially more profitable.

It is our belief that there is enough support to make The Crypt an economically viable metal venue, and we are asking for as many people as possible to help us prove that.

We, the undersigned, want to have The Crypt metal nights reinstated. If this happens, we pledge to show our support in anyway we can and attend as often as possible.

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