Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
United States of America

Texas' capitol building grounds in Austin has a monument depicting the Ten Commandments on it -- on public property.

The Supreme Court will "rule" whether or not this is legal or not (more than likely, if Alabama & Roy Moore are a reminder, it will be "illegal"), so I've come up with an idea: students and concerned citizens who cherish our republican form of government who live in and around Ellis County, Texas (Waxahachie-county seat) must band together to fight for our U.S. Constitutional rights of free speech and the free exercise thereof.

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that prohibits a state from displaying a Ten Commandments monument, just as there is not a restriction barring construction workers from having portable bathrooms in public.

This petition serves as a voice for those who believe that this is a free speech issue.

Keep Texas' Ten Commandments monument ON public property!

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