Archdiocese of Detroit/Cardinal Maida
United States of America

St. Gregory The Great is an important structure within the City of Detroit. There are approximately 200 families that are active members in the upkeep of the church. St. Gregory's is important not only as one of the oldest active Catholic Churches in the city; but as a vital asset to the surrounding community.

The Archdiocese of Detroit, has decided that St. Gregory's should close its doors forever, and that the parishoners should transfer its membership to neighboring parishes.
The Archdioce states that the Parish is deeply rooted in debt, and that there is no possible escape from this mounting debt.

We, the undersigned, beleive that St. Gregory's should remain open, and that the outstanding debt can be repaid. We also beleive that with the strength and dedication of the members and the community we can keep the church open and retain financial solvency.

St. Gregory's has many community outreach programs, including an annual Halloween Party for all of the children in the community; and a Christmas Party for Foster Children. They open the doors of the gymnasium for the youth of the area in an effort to keep them off of the streets. St. Gregory's feeds thousands of needy indivduals each year, and has ongoing bible study throughout the year.

There are many reasons that St. Gregpry's should continue its mission as a viable and active legacy of Catholic Christian minstry in the heart of the City's west-side. The main reason is that it continues to reach a helping hand to its members and to the community in which it stands.

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