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I am sorry to announce bad news about South Park. There was an interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone and in which they said they signed a 3 year longer contract after the 12th season. It will be from seasons 13-15.

There is also a problem with this because even though there is going to be 3 more seasons, I am sorry to tell you that South Park will no longer be on the air. It will only be online and were here to change it. So sign the petition.

Trey Parker amd Matt Stone also said that they believe that because more people do not watch the episode on tv and just wait for it online, that they will make more money by putting it only online.

Please sign this paper about the horrible news abut South Park. South Park has been bringing laughter for quite some time now. The show is an emmy award winning show and is on it's 12th season, but after this season there will be 3 more but they will only be online not on tv. With this comes problems including.

Problems of only online:
1. lagging
2. quality
3. appearing on time.

Those are some problems with that. It is a problem and we need to fix it. So sign the petition and please tell everyone you know to come and sign.

Thank you.

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