#Neighborhood Living
Management of 2121 Roche CRT
United States of America

Recently there has been some personal ideas and actions that involve each and every person living within these walls of 2121 Roche CRT.

There has bee talk about firing our current Super Shake. I Personally don't know of the exact reasons for the dismissal of Shake as our super, however, I do know that up until this moment Shake has done a wonderful job.

Shake is involved with the tenants and owners' needs and wants of this condo. If you recall this past summer when Shake hosted the garage sale/BBQ with the help of us residents. We have seen a few different supers try to succeed at this demanding job, but we have yet to see someone who is involved with what the residents want.

I recall a time when the children were not aloud to play with balls in the park area nor ride bikes or rollerblade. Our kids always felt like they were walking on thin ice at all times. Now this Condo has become a family oriented place to live, and the children are happier now that they feel welcome to play as children should play.

Shake is outside playing with the kids during those warm days in the park conducting games to play and showing them how to play them. Not only does Shake have a love for making kids smile, but he also gets the job done. We do need a super that we can trust and that cares about us residents as human beings not as just a unit.

It is a great feeling to know that there is someone you can call if you need help that will be sure to help right away.

We, the undersigned, would like Shake to continue on as acting superintent of 2121 Roche CRT, and I do not agree with the decision to fire him.

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