#City & Town Planning
Tim Wolken, El Paso County Community Services Dept. Director
United States of America

On April 22, 2010 El Paso County accepted ownership of Rainbow Falls, more commonly known as Graffiti Falls. With the help of Tim Wolken, Director of the El Paso County Community Services, this area will now become an El Paso County recreational area.

Part of the Proposed Plan is to fix the eroding landscape, add pic-nic tables, and add a new historical sign. While these are all great, many are dismayed to hear that they also plan to cover up the artwork that has made this spot unique. It is this local art that has made this site incomparable to others.

This is a place for people to enjoy said scenery, and a creative outlet to the Natives in Manitou Springs. Now, this does not mean the gang tags and vulgarities, but the actual expressions which bring forth modern Pop Art.

We, the undersigned, do hereby urge El Paso County to refrain from concealing the graffiti at the Rainbow Falls site.

This petition is to include man-made structures only, with the exception of man-made trails, historical signs, and recreational items; all things in nature, including but not limited to geological, vegetation, and should be rightly brought back to their original beauty.

Furthermore, we propose that a marker be dedicated to this site. While the name of Rainbow Falls is deserving, a mention of Graffiti Falls is history in the making, and has merit to be distinguished.

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