Berman Academy Administration
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We, current and former students of Berman Hebrew Academy, and their parents, recognize that Rabbi Trencher is doing a fantastic job as acting principal, and should be offered a permanent position as principal of the upper school.

The vast majority of the students and parents love Rabbi Trencher. He has a warm personality and is a very accommodating principal. You can usually see Rabbi Trencher smiling in the hallways while kids are trying to get meetings with him. That's another plus about Rabbi Trencher! Aside from being an easy person to talk to, he is someone who the people respect at the same time as trusting him with our issues! Since Rabbi Trencher's arrival, there has been a vast improvement of the environment in the Berman Upper School. Rabbi Trencher is really a great principal! When kids are feeling sad, Rabbi Trencher is a friendly face to cheer them up! As a student, I can say firsthand that the Berman Upper School would not be the same if he were to leave, and that him being my administrator has greatly improved my experience as a student!

We, the undersigned, call on the school's administration to make Rabbi Trencher the official next principal of the Berman Upper School.

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