Everyone who loves Prison Break but cant afford/get Sky
United Kingdom

Prison Break was aired in 2005 on Channel 5 - those of us who have either only got Terrestrial Television or Digital/freeview grew to love this show and follow it every week without fail.

Sky One have now poached Series 3 from Channel 5 and those of us who dont have Sky can't watch it.

Please sign this petition if you have grown to love Prison Break and cant wait for the Series 3 but at the same time are extremely angry due to the fact that you haven't got Sky and cannot watch the next series.

Sign this petition if you can't afford/ cant get or refuse to buy Sky just to watch Prison Break when they shouldn't have stolen it from Channel 5 in the first place!!

Channel 5 made Prison Break what it is today and I want to continue watching it on Channel 5!!

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