The Hon. Bronwyn Halfpenny MP

A flood that the sports centre had in December 2016 was caused by overflowing drains that run off the building. The insurance claim ran out in December 2017 leaving us with 40% of the pre-flood revenue and unable to carry on the business and pay rent. The landlord has now changed the locks and moved to completely evict us after being 4 weeks late on March's rent. The landlord's reluctance to do any maintenance on the building with multiple rain leaks and carpet courts being closed during nights when its raining heavily. As a result hence protesting the closure of the sports centre due to circumstances beyond our control.

Thomastown Indoor Sports was the first Indoor Sports centre to open in Melbourne. We are an iconic business with a large family following.

We, the undersigned, call on Bronwyn Halfpenny to intervene;
-To save the iconic sports centre from closure
-To force action from the landlord to bring the building up to safe and well-maintained standards.

Please Submit:

1.Give statements that support our claim that the loss of revenue is caused by the landlord reluctance to do any maintenance on the building.
2. Call Ministers' office and send emails protesting the closure of the sports centre.

The contacts are:
The Hon. Bronwyn Halfpenny MP
Phone (03) 9401 2711
The Hon. Jenny Mikakos MLC (local MP)
Phone 03 9462 3966
Fax Number 03 9460 8808
Email Address jenny.mikakos@parliament.vic.gov.au
The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP (Premier)
Phone 03 9651 5000
Email Address daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au
Mr Tim McCurdy MP (shadow minister for sport)
Phone 03 5721 6155
Fax Number 03 5721 2198
Email Address tim.mccurdy@parliament.vic.gov.au
Role Occupant
The Hon. Matthew Guy MLC
Phone 03 9850 7983
Fax Number 03 9852 0059
Email Address matthew.guy@parliament.vic.gov.au

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