Upper Canada District School Board

As stated in the local paper many of OUR schools are being considered for closure and/or consolidation because of fear of "FUTURE" financial drain. As a mother, I believe that our children ARE the future and if they close schools it's only going to put a further strain on OUR children's education and teachers.

It's is up to us, parents, to protect our children's futures. Closing and/or consolidating classes mean one thing, larger class numbers, a larger strain on our teachers which will eventually lead to a teachers strike because of the unfair class sizes, children will not get the proper attention they need and deserve ultimately getting lost in the system.

The millions of dollars that could be spent to renovate current schools not closing to accommodate displaced students and even talk about spending to build new schools. WHY?! KEEP OUR CURRENT SCHOOLS OPEN!

We, the undersigned, call on the Ministry of education and Upper Canada District School Board to please reconsider the closure/consolidation of our schools and take into consideration the impact these closures will have on children, parents, teachers, communities as a whole.

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