Minister for Education & Skills, Wales & Head of Education for Gwynedd Council.
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Ysgol Y Clogau is a small school in rural Snowdonia, in the North of Wales. It’s size is both a product of the small community it serves, and in turn it has become a warm, creative environment where young children emerge inspired and well nurtured into their wider world.

This special place has faced over 10 years of potential closure in a so-called ‘Reorganisation’ of Schools in the Gwynedd Area. It has vehemently opposed closure from the start, and it has now been served a Notice of Closure. As Governors, we have requested answers to questions before and during the consultation process without receiving any concrete answers.

We do not feel that we, the children, the parents or the community have been heard.

This School has consistently proved to be an outstanding place of education and would be a profound loss to both the pupils, their families and the Community of Bontddu. Small schools in rural North Wales are particularly compatible to their environment. Ysgol Y Clogau has found a niche in the education system, through the talent and dedication of it's staff. A school that, by virtue of it’s size and expertise can also cater for those children who may be more sensitive or feel overwhelmed by larger environments. It has developed a learning environment loved by it’s pupils of all capability, including those with ‘Special Needs’.

Schools such as Ysgol Y Clogau keep small rural communities and indeed the Welsh language and culture alive in the hearts of emerging young people.
We have until the 25th March to lodge an Appeal to the Head of Education, Gwynedd Council, Caernarfon.We will also be sending a copy to the Minister for Education & Skills in Wales. By signing this petition you can help support not only the high quality of children’s education at this school but also help to provide an opportunity in the future for the choice of a small school in a particularly beautiful part of Wales, the Mawddach Estuary.

Please extend your help to our children, and the community they share.

We, the undersigned, call on the Minister for Education & Skills in Wales and the Head of the Department of Education for Gwynedd to save Ysgol Y Clogau, Bontddu, Gwynedd, from closure.

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