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Australian Legal System

My medical records were subpoenaed without my knowledge or consent. It was a shock to see the court order in my medical file at the doctors visit. It was an abuse of power that my records were accessed and this can happen to anyone. Your most private details can be accessed without your knowledge, consent or a chance to even fight the request or be informed of the reason they are being subpoenaed in the first place.

This is a violation that is very hard to accept. According to a letter I received from the Legal Services Commission, 20 August 2014, Quote, As explained by the Clinic's Practise manager those records were obtained lawfully by subpoena issued by the court. There is no requirement in such circumstances that the person to whom the records relate consent to or be notified of the subpoena.

Help me stop this violation against us and our most private and personal details.

Please sign my petition so I can seek justice for myself and others who have had their medical details accessed without consent, knowledge or a reason.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Legal System throughout the court and medical commission to change the law of such easy access to a person's medical records without their consent, knowledge and a chance to seek legal representation as to the reason why they are to be accessed.

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