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Everywhere you turn in Ybor City, you see businesses and residents celebrating our feathered neighbors. Signs, shirts, advertising, and all manner of merchandise display our neighborhood's official mascot. Tourists love them and include them in their travel plans, and their stories are told in many of the travel articles written about our historically- and culturally-rich neighborhood.

There are some, though, who are actively trying to have the protections for our chickens struck down. To this point, it appears part of their plan is to deny their historical and cultural connection to Ybor City and to exaggerate their numbers and the impact they're having.

The Ybor Chickens Society wants to be a willing partner in reaching a responsible plan to control the population, but we refuse to allow the protections to be removed and/or for a single animal to be hurt (or worse) to achieve any target set.

By signing, you are saying that you, too, are:

(a) Against any plan that would harm, harass, or kill any of Tampa's living, wild chickens.

(b) Opposed to removing, even temporarily, the protections that are currently in place under Tampa's Bird Sanctuary Law (Art. IV Sec. 14-176) for any of Tampa's living, wild chickens.

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