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Having Mr. Chang as Student Teacher under a skillful and insightful mentor; Mrs. Nelson
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In late January of 2018 our current mathematics teacher Mrs. Nelson had to take a leave of absence to provide care to her family in need. With that in motion, we had a student teacher take her place, his name is Mr. Chang. Mr. Chang was her fill in for the last two months in 2018. In those last two months, Mr. Chang has built a strong relationship with the students that he was teaching. Mr. Chang helped all students understand the concept of mathematics. He provides kids with the support and knowledge that they need to succeed in this class. Here is a statement from one of his algebra 1 students "I strongly believe that Mr. Chang is able to help anyone comprehend the lesson extremely well, by going step through step thoroughly. As well providing them with support/aid that they need to use to fully grasp the concept of the lesson. The abilities that Mr. Chang puts forth, is making all students feel that they can exceed in mathematics. Moreover, offering concern to the students and their obstacles, and contributing to their situations .Having Mr. Chang as a teacher,I have excelled in my math skills and been able to become more confident in my algebra 1 class, as well for finding a new interest in mathematics.He is a great asset to the Health Careers Academy Family . Seeing him leave would be a vast lost to this school and its students that he has left a huge impression on. "-Anonymous. As of today , our hope is for Mr. Chang to continue student teaching for the remainder of the school year under Mrs .Nelsons guidance . We would love to see Mr. Chang still be able to have a relationship with us students , as well as for having Mrs. Nelson be his mentor and teach us as well .

We the students of Health Career's Academy hope for Mr. Chang to stay in our classroom as a student teacher in Mrs. Nelson's classroom and have Mrs. Nelson still be our current teacher and be his mentor.

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