Pendleton Town Hall
United States of America

Marc Farrer posted an image which depicts a tree sapling under the label "Islam" being watered by a man with a hangman's noose around his neck under the label "liberals." This is just one of the few things brought to the attention of the people here in our small town. The votes were 3-2 to terminate him. The three who voted to terminate Chief Farrer were town council Vice President Chad Wolfe, Jessica Bastin, and the town council President Jessica Smith. What many of you don't know are the many times he has abused every day Americans constitutional rights, good people, the countless families he has hurt without consequence. People are petitioning to bring this racist back as police chief and I simply will not allow it without a fight. Sign this petition as we all progress forward as a nation to keep people like this out of power, thank you.

Let's get as many signatures as possible to show that we do agree with the town council decision. Sign if you support Chief Farrer remaining out of position as Police Chief.

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