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Long story short on June 21, 2007 Mallory T was arrested while entering the Paddock. Mallory had an ID with her picture but her name was Suzie T, DOB 8/21/84. What happened was some girls tried to get big with her, so she retaliated. Apparently witnesses said Mallory approached the girls in a threatening manor. blah blah blah, the cops were called on her, found her ID, ran in through the systems and realized Mallory and Suzie looked too alike to be different people and figured out it was Mallory's photo on each ID. They then whipped out their cuffs, Mallory whipped out her fist, swung...whaled her arms in the air....then, finally, the facking police were able to hold her down. They cuffed her and through her in the paddy wagon and she yelled, screamed and kicked the facker who cuffed her, and for all that he tightened the cuffs as tight as they could go until she couldnt turn her wrist....sitting uncomfortably in the backof the drunk wagon aka paddy wagon Mallory manages to get her hands infront of her instead of behind her back. The story could go on....but once she got to the station all the guy cops loved her and the bitches hated her., oh and it sucked that while she was in jail, her friends had her convertible, and driving it god only knows where.... Ocean City, Maryland sucks and so do their police. She was caught using a government issued i.d. fraudulently.


After sleeping in the jail cell sink for six hours, we should feel bad for her. FYI, she slept in a jail sink because it looked the cleanest spot in the cell. Fack da mother facking Police....they are a bunch of fucking nerds. lol. They couldnt even figure out she was totally intoxicated beyond belief....This story is caused because a girl drank a fucking 1/5 to her self.



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