Goverment of Ontario & Mr Dalton McGuinty

The Government's taken the Lord's Prayer & Bible out of our schools and now look at our schools, what do you see? Guns, violence & crime.

Now they want to take it out of our legislature. God help this province and nation.

Please sign this petition and let's have our say that we believe that The Lord's Prayer should remain in our legislature, our country was founded on the concept of the Lord's prayer.

The Lord's prayer is God's prayer, and God represents all religions. Let's show our government that we as Canadians stand for our HISTORY. Removing a part of our Canadian history would be taking a part of this great country away.

In our nation anthem we Sing Oh Canada our home and native land then it goes on to say GOD KEEP OUR LAND GLORIOUS AND FREE so Mr. McGuinty I ask what's next you going to remove our national anthem??? Come on Canada LET'S STAND FOR OUR NATION.......

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