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Thank each & every one who responded to this petition. In the haste to place a voice for the community online, the original petition was not as clear as it should have been and to address that here is the current situation and a call to help.

Lichgate on High Road is owned & maintained by the Laura Jepsen Institute. All work on the site and its entire small budget comes from donations and volunteers. Since it is entirely community supported, the Board of the Laura Jepsen Institute should be open to the needs & desires of the people who support the park and ultimately answerable to community.

Recently the Board has evolved through death and resignations to consist of a majority from one family. This family has a "vision" of what Lichgate should become, what features should be on site, and what level of maintenance should be undertaken. When opposition was voiced to this "vision", the Board banned the current caretaker from the property in an effort to ensure silence and compliance.

The Board is out-of-compliance with many of its own bylaws and various regulations of the State of Florida. Among these items are barring individuals from Board meetings, a majority from one family on the Board and an incomplete number of Board members to be a legal board.

For any of these issues to be addressed we need to raise all of our voices and simply ask to be heard. We ask that you reach out to the current Board members and express your concerns.

Lichgate on High Road is a valuable part of our community. It is a sanctuary amongst the growing development, a place of refuge and celebration of life. As it is supported solely the community, the Board of the Institute caring for Lichgate is answerable to the voices of those whose time and resources breath life into the grounds and its story.

We are asking the the current ban on caretakers be lifted, features of the park such as the gardens, labyrinth and homes of the fairies be protected and maintained and that the Institute comply with its own bylaws and other regulations.

You may email contact@friendsoflaura.org or visit the site, www.friendsoflaura.org for more information or for ways to reach the individual board members.

Thank you for all your help, it is deeply appreciated.

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