To the city attorney, Richard F. Cortizas J.D. and the officials of the city of New Orleans, LA
United States of America

This petition is specifically in response to the recent lawsuit against Balcony Music Club (BMC) and citations handed down to Maison, Mojito’s and Vaso, as well as complaints against the noise levels of Bourbon and Frenchmen Streets and against www.hearthenolamusic.com.

The French Quarter is the life-blood of New Orleans tourism – tourists come in the millions spending in the billions. And tourists don’t come here for a quiet sleepy town. After Katrina, city officials encouraged tourists to return to enjoy The Big Easy and people from the US and across the globe answered the call. As a result, tourism dollars have helped to reinvigorate the city. No city in the US boasts the live music scene that New Orleans does. The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau website (http://www.neworleanscvb.com/press-media/press-kit/whats-new/) details the growth since Katrina.

We understand that French Quarter homeowners should enjoy the advantages of living in this incredible community. However we also believe that living in such a place comes with the understanding that crowds and music are a part of life. There are many beautiful and quiet neighborhoods in New Orleans. Moving next door to a music club would lead one to believe that peace and quiet is not a priority.

We assert that just as French Quarter residents expect bar/restaurant owners to comply with city noise ordinances that residents also take it upon themselves to take measures to keep noise out (by installing double paned glass or taking other such measures).

That being said, noise ordinances should be followed – with reasonable and agreed upon ordinances in place and officers equipped with properly working decibel readers. In the case of a noise complaint, officers can report to the scene and take a reading. If necessary, citations can be issued and reported with the actual decibel number. Business owners can then equip themselves with decibel readers, police their establishments (making adjustments to their venues if they wish) and work in cooperation the city. This way, should the noise level occur from street activity, officers can focus on the true culprits of the noise. As enjoyable as impromptu street music can be, business owners and the musicians who perform in their venues should not be penalized if they are not the true source of the problem.

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We, the undersigned, the residents and visitors of the beautiful city of New Orleans, petition to keep the rich musical and cultural tradition of the French Quarter alive by supporting the bar/restaurant owners and musicians who continue that tradition (specifically the area between Canal and Elysian Fields below Rampart/St. Claude).

We believe that supporting the musicians and business owners of the French Quarter is in the best interest of the city especially since, in recent years, their efforts have helped to yield higher and higher numbers of economic growth. We believe that in doing so, this incredible city and culture will continue to thrive for generation after generation, long after we’re gone.


The Undersigned

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