Board Of Management - Echuca Moama Community Radio Station

The country generation radio show is hosted by Nathan Henry aged 17. The show currently airs on a Sunday afternoon providing there is no interruptions such as the local football.

Nathan takes the time in the show to bring you the best music possible from independent country music artists from all around Australia some of them rarely played on mainstream radio. Which makes this show a community asset and a very well respected and loved show with the country music community.

Nathan does interviews on the show including Steve Eales, Dane Sharp and many more. Kicking back on a Sunday has never been so easy what ever your tastes in music we can all relate to Nathan he will bring you some of the great music by some of the best in the industry. Nathan’s show doesn’t just bring you music it brings you a great wealth of information that goes with it and a few laughs along the way. Country Generation is a three hour show of great country music from independent artists some never heard on country radio before Nathan takes the time to play them all big and small.

This show is currently assigned to the local community station Echuca Moama Community Radio better known in the local community as EMFM, this station is a community operated station where Country Generation has been airing since March 2009. Please support the show and sign this petition.

Interested in finding out more? Why not take a look at the facebook dedicated to the show @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Country-Generation/105819212796775?ref=search

Nathan is hoping to get a time slot without any interruptions what so ever. Nathan’s show has been interrupted due to football and other local events. An announcer has the right to keep a show on the air with out any interruptions what so ever.

We are attempting to keep him in the same time slot minus the interruptions or the same time slot on a different day that’s acceptable by the announcer.

Nathan is a great announcer and the show is a asset and a good afternoon show and does not need to be played late at night or early morning.

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